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Keeping Kids At Home Active

Hello Everyone,

So the kids are at home learning on the computer, and sitting for many hours each day. My kids are doing it and it's not my favorite thing, but this is what we are all dealing with now, so let's see what we can do to counteract some of the prolonged sitting.

Here are a few suggestions, and although they may see completely obvious, sometimes it's just getting some changes to become a new routine for the day for the kids.

- Have the kids get up and move in between each class. Have them walk around a little, even in the same room. Or even stand up at the computer and alternate between sitting and standing.

- Ask them to practice good posture while seated. Ask them to sit all the way back in their chair, not on the front end of it. And scoot the chair close to the desk and sit up tall with shoulder down and elbows close to the body. This can avoid the slumped forward posture that can lead to neck and headache pain.

- If they are having some neck discomfort or muscle tightness, click here and watch the video with them and have them perform the stretches. They can perform this even during class and / or in between classes to help decrease neck pain and tightness in the muscles.

- Have them change the room that they are in. The same room with the same view all year will get old very quick. When they are not required to be at a desk for taking notes etc, I ask them to take their Chromebook to another room or even on the deck and sit outside with some fresh air and sunshine, especially before the cold weather comes.

- Consider a pillow or cushion to put behind their back or for them to sit on to make them more comfortable.

- Have them drink water throughout their day. This can help to keep their alertness up, and drinking water has so many benefits, I could go on for hours.

- Give them a good breakfast, and include some protein so that it stays with them for a while and they are not hungry immediately during class. This helps with their focus. And when they want a snack, either deny them, haha, or make sure they get something healthy.

- And of course, exercise. This is a scary time for me, with kids and adults all at home and everything is closed and it becomes very easy to take this as a reason to not exercise. Think about calories IN and calories OUT. It's simple math. Get the kids on a daily routine of a bike ride or walk, and perform it with them. It's good for everyone, and the family time is very nice. They will thank you later.

Hope you all and your families are doing well. Have a very nice day!

Thanks for reading, and if you would like to help our office be notice by others in search of good care, please consider clicking here and offering a rating on Google. It is much appreciated.

Dr Mckim


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