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Hello everyone,

So I had a nice response from the last email about the glycemic index of carbohydrates, despite thinking that I was going to bore everyone to death, so I thought I would continue just a bit on that idea.

I am sure that many of you have heard of either or all of..... keto, paleo, or carnivore styles of eating. Let's break them down and make simple sense of them. I hate to even call them by those names because it makes me sound trendy, even to myself, but whatever.

Keto. You are limiting carbs, that's it. People have many different ideas of what this is and how to attain the goal. The goal is focused around attempting to put your body in a ketosis state. Our bodies want to use sugar for fuel to make energy, and we turn carbs into sugar. Our body runs well doing that and it is very efficient at it. If you limit the amount of sugar that the body is taking in versus how much it needs , it will begin to break down muscle and fat tissue for fuel. These molecules from the fat breakdown are known as ketone bodies. Now, in order to get the body to this state, you must limit your carbs a lot, typically less than 50g per day. Good luck with that one, unless you are really really dedicated. Now limiting carbs, and taking in more than 50 will still allow you to loose weight, but your not going to enter a ketogenic state. And if you are eating any type of wheat or processed product, again, not going to happen, at all. If you are eating low carbs, but not less than 50, and want to kick your body into a ketogenic states, then supplement some GABA, but be smart. If you have ever been in a ketogenic states, your breath will be really bad, like a rancid acid smell and taste. On this, you can basically eat whatever you want, just limit the carbs. But if you want it to work, you have to eat healthy sources of foods, and please to get some protein in. You can be vegan or vegetarian on this diet. Please google and do some research.

Paleo. Basically what our body evolved on. If cro magnon man ate it, then it's on the paleo diet. It is a balance of carbs and protein and fat, and from all very natural sources. Absolutely no processed food, at all!! Biggest one is no wheat product. Good luck again. And beer is wheat. Fruits and berries and meat and eggs. Beautiful way to eat to keep your blood sugar stable.

Carnivore. Animal meat only, and eggs. And if you are Dr Shawn Baker, Google him, then only red meat, and up to 6 pounds a day!! This one is extremely hard, and expensive. But watch your weight come down fast and your cholesterol go down! Yes, I said go down, except for the HDL. That is because insulin raises cholesterol, not eating cholesterol. And carbs increase insulin, so if you're not eating carbs, then very little insulin, therefore cholesterol goes down. Your weight falls off because your body has no choice but to tap into muscle and fat for fuel for energy, and you can limit how much muscle loss you have with resistance training on a very regular basis.

My personal favorite style of eating is paleo, but with basmati rice, oatmeal for breakfast, and if you want some bread, sprouted rye is the best. Vegetables are great, and if you are a potato person, boiled sweet potato or yams, not baked, are much better than white potatoes. And of course, lots of eggs!!!

If you have any questions, please reply and let me know. And you can also just google and read away and learn a lot!! Next newsletter will be on how to get started with a new eating and/or exercise routine and some simple examples of what to do!

Thanks for reading, and if you would like to help our office be notice by others in search of good care, please consider clicking here and offering a rating on Google. It is much appreciated.

Dr. Mckim

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