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Stay Well! Boost Immunity With Food, Rest & An Adjustment

Hello Everyone,

You all know me pretty well, and I am fairly straightforward with my style of Chiropractic care and am big on nutrition and taking care of yourself. I feel very strongly that a if body is given the correct amounts and proper types of nutrition, combined with proper amounts of rest and exercise, can fight off nearly anything that comes at it.

So, I would encourage everyone to make certain that they are eating well, sleeping well, and getting some exercise. Also, make certain follow proper hygiene as the CDC is recommending to work through this.

I am providing a link to an article showing that cervical adjustments can be helpful to boost immunity to help fight off infections. I do feel that combined with the ideas mentioned earlier; good nutrition, rest and hygiene, that an adjustment can be a wonderful adjunct therapy to keeping the immune system working at its best!!

Please click here to view the article.

Thanks for reading, and if you would like to help our office be notice by others in search of good care, please consider clicking here and offering a rating on Google. It is much appreciated.

Dr Mckim


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