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Lower Back and Sacroiliac joint stretch

This video includes helpful stretching and strengthening exercises for the lumbar spine as well as for the sacroiliac joints and are by far the most helpful exercises that patients report to me are easy to do and relieve a great deal of thier lower back pain and stiffness. 

Hamstring Stretch
Stretching the Hamstring muscle can be very helpful to relieve lower back pain and sacroiliac joint pain when done in addition to the lower back stretching seen the video above.

Lumbar Tilt Strengthening Exercise

This is a great exercises to perform to help strengthen this lower back as well as keep and increase range of motion.

Neck and Upper Back Stretches

This video includes helpful stretches for the neck and upper back to reduce tension in the neck and headache pain and helps promote posture with the shoulder down and back.  Very helpful for people that sit at a desk and computer all day at work.

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