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Stretching Works! New Videos on Website!

Hello everyone,

Short one, not much to read, only watch!!

I have added and updated the videos on the website. Please click here to go to the website page for the videos. I have added new lower back videos that include stretching and strengthening exercises that are very effective and do not take a long time at all. I have also showed you how to perform them while seated so that you can perform them easily at work at your desk. There are also effective neck and upper back videos.

Stretching is a very important part of feeling good, and those of you that perform it regularly can see the benefits. If you would like to start, please watch the videos and begin today. It will not take long and you will feel better!!

Thanks for reading, and if you would like to help our office be noticed by others in search of good care, please consider clicking here and offering a rating on Google. It is much appreciated.

Dr Mckim

815 477 7718

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