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How To Loose 2lbs A Month Without Exercise!

Hello everyone,

I knew that the title would make you want to read, so I will keep it short and to the point.

In order to understand how you can loose weight without exercise, you have to first understand kilocalories, or simply the “calorie”. Foods are measured in calories, and the energy that the body uses is measured in calories. Foods that are high in sugar or fat have a high calorie content, and therefore take a lot of movement of the body to use up those calories of energy. When the body takes in more calories from the diet than it uses as energy, then the body stores those calories as fat. The body can then use those stored calories by breaking down the fat later and using those calories for energy for the body.

Now let’s consider how many calories are in certain foods. Take an apple for instance. It has about 100 calories. A can of regular pop has about 150 calories. A small bag, or handful of M&M’s has 150 calories.

Now let’s consider how many calories are used when moving your body. When you walk at a quick pace, 4mph, for 10 minutes, your body uses about 100 calories of energy. Jogging at 6mph, or 9 minute mile pace, for 10 minutes will burn 250 calories. Might as well jog!!

NOW, add the can of pop and M&Ms together to get 250 calories and don’t eat them during the day. Over the week, that is 7x250, or 1750 calories. One pound of fat has 3500 calories in it, so over 2 weeks time, by not eating the M&Ms and one can of pop, you don’t take in 3500 calories and your body burns one pound of body fat, without any extra exercise!!!!! Now add jogging for 10 minutes, 250 calories X 4 days a week, that is 1000 calories, or one pound a month. Between the two, that’s 2 pounds a week!!!!! Something to think about!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for reading and have a great day. And as usual, the office would appreciate a nice review if you have time. Please click here if you have a moment to give a quick rating on Google. Thanks!!

Dr. Mckim

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