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How Chiropractic Helped A Mom That Didn’t Know What To Do

Hello everyone,

I know that many of you reading this newsletter are parents. And I am sure that many of you have found yourselves wanting to help your child in some way for something and you were not sure how. I want to share the story of two different Moms that found themselves in this situation where Chiropractic was able to help.

Both of these Moms have daughters, one was 2 years old and the other 10. Both of these girls were suffering from terrible constipation. One of the girls was only able to move her bowels approximately once a month. These young patients were not eating properly because of the strong discomfort they would have with attempting to eat a meal, and the younger of the two was trying to potty train and could not because of the constipation. These girls had been to see different doctors and had taken different medicine to relieve their conditions without much help at all.

The young patients mothers brought them in to see me and we talked about the condition and how chiropractic treatment could be helpful for them and we decided to set up a treatment plan. The plan consisted of chiropractic adjustments for 3 times a week for 2 weeks to see if a difference would be made. Both patient saw only mild change after the first 2-3 visits and then they both had dramatic changes. After 2 weeks of treatment, both young girls had been having proper bowel movements and a significant decrease in symptoms. They were eating normally and were feeling much better. And let us not forget to mention how relieved the parents were that their children were now feeling much better and that they had sought out and found a treatment method that worked.

Thanks for reading and have a great day.

Dr. Mckim

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