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Sleep To Not Get Sick!!

Hello everyone,

The doctor always says when your sick, "Rest and get plenty of liquids". Why?? Well, plenty of liquids is because none of us most of us do not drink enough water and are dehydrated most of the time, but that is a discussion for another newsletter.

The rest it very important, but why?? Here's why. Our bodies use ATP as an energy source. We do not have an unlimited source of ATP, and our body uses it as it needs, depending on what it needs. If we are exercising, then we use ATP for our muscles to work. Our heart uses ATP to beat, and our nerves use ATP to work which means our brains use a lot of ATP. When we are sick, our bodies needs ATP for white blood cells to fight off infections by killing viruses and bacteria, and it requires A LOT.

Our bodies however, do not, have the ability to discern between what is the most important use for the ATP. For example if you are sick and exercising at the same time, your body will allow use of ATP for both, therefore both are not allowed the amount of ATP to perform the task fully. That is why is feel tired exercising when you are even just getting sick, let alone fully sick, because your body is allotting ATP to your white blood cells to fight off infection, as well as working muscles. Therefore your body is not fighting off the infection maximally, therefore allowing you to remain sick longer than needed.

Even if you are just out and about for the day, perhaps having lunch with a friend or running simply errands, while your are trying to heal from a sickness, your are using ATP that should be being used by white blood cells to fight off your sickness. And this will can give the infection the chance to remain or even become worse. Conversely, if you are sick and you were to simply lay down and rest or sleep, you now allow your body to concentrate all of its energy to the white blood cells that are fighting off the infection and healing you.

So, if you feel yourself getting sick and your have the urge to rest. LISTEN to your body and lay down, get more sleep!!! You will heal much more quickly and can save yourself many days of feeling yucky!! Your best plan when you start to feel sick is to eat and drink what you can and got to bed as early as you are able and sleep as long as you can. Your body will thank you by healing more quickly.

Thanks for reading.

Dr. Mckim


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