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Is Your Body TEXTING You A Message

Hello everyone,

We live in a new world of technology and connection, and I must admit....I love it! I enjoy my phone and email and texting and the internet, as do most of us. Along with the new set of innovations, come a new set of problems. I have noticed an increase in neck and upper back pain in the office, and the age range of patients is increasing, to include younger ages. I feel confident stating that our phones are a big culprit.

I walk into my family room and, of course, see two young boys staring directly into their tablets, probably wasting time on YouTube watching some kid flip bottles. Whatever! But of course!, the first thing I notice is that their sitting with their neck bent forward at nearly ninety degrees. Then, last night I walk into Mega Trampoline to pick up the oldest and see everyone young kid staring straight down into their phones with their necks bend straight down. Both of my boys have told me from time to time, "Dad, my head hurts. Will you please adjust my neck?"

I have had to explain to the boys the reason that their heads hurts is because of the position they are in when looking at their tablet. So I asked them to please sit at the table and use the stand to watch them so that they are in a better position. They don't complain anymore about it and I am certain that it is because of the modification. When in the car, they are to try to hold it up so that they don't look straight down at them.

I know that this all seems very simply and obvious, but why then do WE ALL see people constantly staring straight down at their devices. In the short term, of course we don't think that looking down at our phones will cause problems, but that is also what a lot of people think about smoking, gaining weight, and eating the wrong foods to increase cholesterol. But in the long term, all of these could cause serious health problems.

As for the looking down at our phones, if it were done day after day for years, it could cause something as serious as a bulging disc. But most of what I see is the chronic neck pain and muscle pain and tension with the headache pain that almost always follows. If you feel that you are suffering from this type of pain induced by your device, or even computer at work all day, make an attempt to keep your head up and shoulder back and down. Click here if you want some information on how we can help in the office.

Hope you enjoyed reading. Thanks.

Dr. Mckim


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